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150 TPH Cement Rail Car Unloading System

Prairie States Industrial Supply received a request to supply the necessary equipment to unload cement from railcars along a rail siding. The customer wanted to keep it inexpensive, but also be able to load trucks in 10 minutes (24 tons of material) directly out of the railcar to meet the requirements of their contract.  The solution was using (2) two individual screws that would feed a single loading spout via (2) small air slides.  To help with wear the screws were constructed of abrasion resistant materials.

Nordstrong and Midwest International Standard Products (both companies we represent) sized and manufactured the equipment. Prairie States helped coordinate between the two companies to ensure that feed and discharge openings aligned for the customer. The customer provided his own structure and fabricated his own boot-lifts for feeding the screws.

All of the equipment was ordered in October of 2022 and became operational in March of 2023 (5 months from order to loading trucks). The cost of our supply was less than $120K meeting the requirements for delivery, cost and performance.

The customer made one call to Prairie States and was able to get the major pieces of equipment needed for this project, as well as help coordinating between those vendors. Please keep us in mind for your next bulk material handling project we are here to help with all of your needs.

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