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Fine Grinding

Prater Fine Grinders operate on the principle of high-speed impact to reduce materials to between 60 and 400 mesh. These untis are highly efficient design allowing ease of access to all internal components and one bolt allows for quick removal of the rotor.Prater Fine Grinding Mills come in six standard sizes, ranging from the 3 HP M-19 pilot-scale lab
mill to the 300 HP M-101 model. They also offer a 10 Bar model for explosive environments. All Prater Fine Grinders are designed with standard safetyfeatures, including a trapped keydoor safety interlock system that prevents unintended access tointernal rotating parts during operation. Prater Fine Grinders are designed and precision-built for maximum operational efficiency and years of trouble-free operation.


  • Fine Product Grinding
  • Easy Access
  • Flexible Operation
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