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Fusion Weld Wire and Rods

JADCO’s FUSIONTM family provides complete range of joining and hardfacing welding wires for extreme abrasion and severe impact applications.
Each proprietary chemistry of FUSION is developed to join or hard face a wide range of steels, including our QT-PLUS® or CHROMEWELD wear plate to combat any wear challenge. From extreme abrasion, severe impact, or ultra-demanding unique conditions, there is a FUSION wire designed for the most demanding wear conditions imaginable.


Our family of FUSION Weld Wire & Rods joins or hard-faces a wide range of steels for a wide variety of applications.Our FUSION Universal is a joining, build-up and hardfacing wire which is a austenitic stainless steel flux core tubular welding wire of gas shielded metal arc, while Universal E is a stick electrode used for fabrication joining welds, and repair and maintenance on a wide range of steel where high strength and toughness are required.Our additional FUSION products, including AP, GO, Nb, Ti, W, Ultrabond, 600 and 600 E will meet and exceed your expectations. Learn more about each by selecting the FUSION Family of products below.


  • FUSION™ 600 FUSION 600 is a high chromium cast iron for hardsurfacing components subject to extreme abrasive wear and moderate impact. The deposit of FUSION 600 contains a high quantity of hard primary chromium carbides in a tough austenitic matrix. The deposit produced is similar to CHROMEWELD 600. Using special weld settings, FUSION 600 can be welded out of position. This product is used for hardfacing components experiencing wear by sand, earth and abrasives.
  • FUSION™ 600E FUSION™ 600 E, a hardfacing electrode, is an excellent option for carbon and low alloy steels, cast iron and manganese, bonding readily to all. It is intended for applications with impact and abrasion resistant qualities, being the optimum choice to the combination. The deposits take a high polish, contributing the wear qualities, and applies well out of position.
  • FUSION™ AP FUSION™ AP is an all positional flux cored wire for hardfacing of components exposed to metal to metal wear, impact and high abrasion. It has the capability to be applied in a single or multiple passes, leaving a good appearance and high-quality weld deposit. The wire has been developed to operate in spray transfer mode whilst welding in all positions, producing low splatter levels. FUSION™ AP has a microstructure that consists of small carbides suspended in a medium alloy martensite matrix allowing for good abrasion and impact resistance.
  • FUSION™ GO FUSION™ GO is a unique chrome free hardfacing wire, meant for particularly high abrasive wear and moderate impact applications. Being chrome-free there is no hexavalent chromium produced by the welding wire when being used. The special formulation allows you to produce excellent abrasion resistance in a single layer. It can be applied to carbon, low alloy, or manganese steels and can be used in hot wear applications up to 1100°F. No shielding gas is required for this welding wire making it a convenient material to work with. FUSION GO hardfacing wire is formulated to be used in applications where sand and earth are the main wear material.
  • FUSION™ Nb FUSION Nb is a complex high chromium cast iron welding wire for hardsurfacing components. Its combination of chromium & niobium carbides increase abrasion and impact resistance compared to classical chrome carbide deposits. It can withstand extremely serve abrasive wear and moderate impact. The deposit contains hard complex carbides in a tough matrix and performs remarkably well in both fine and coarse abrasion. This wire is best used for hardfacing components undergoing heavy wear from earth, sand or other abrasives.
  • FUSION™ Ti FUSION™ Ti is a Flux cored hardsurfacing wire which produces a chrome titanium iron deposit. The weld deposit contains finely dispersed titanium carbide particles in a high chromium martensitic tool steel like matrix. FUSION™ Ti should be used for hardfacing components subjected to both severe gouging and grinding abrasion as well as heavy impact.
  • FUSION™ ULTRABOND FUSION™ ULTRABOND is a seamless copper coated all position gas shielded flux cored welding wire used for joining higher strength steels with the weld deposit exhibiting high toughness even at low service temperatures.
  • FUSION™ UNIVERSAL FUSION™ UNIVERSAL is a Modified Austenitic Stainless-Steel Flux cored tubular welding wire of gas shielded metal arc joining, build-up and hardfacing. FUSION™ UNIVERSAL is a weld wire that had good impact, cavitation and corrosion resistance. Depending on the amount of impact, the weld deposit work hardens to different degrees. The weld deposit shows exceptionally high ductility and elongation. This weld wire also has exceptional crack resistance.
  • FUSION™ UNIVERSAL E FUSION™ UNIVERSAL E is a stick electrode that can be used for fabrication joining welds, repair, and maintenance on a wide range of steels. It repairs jobs where high strength and toughness are required. General hardfacing applications is used where impact resistance and work hardening is required. It is best to buffer the layer before hardfacing with high hardness material. UNIVERSAL E has exceptional corrosion resistance, cavitation and impact. Depending on the amount of impact, the weld deposit work hardens to different degrees. This product has excellent crack resistance. Weld deposit displays exceptionally high ductility and elongation.
  • FUSION™ W FUSION W is a Flux cored hardsurfacing wire containing 50-60% cast tungsten carbide suspended in a nickel alloy matrix. It has a combination of toughness and wear resistance, due to the heterogeneous weld metal composed of tungsten carbides distributed in a hard and very tough matrix. Unlike many others, this welding wire has exceptional wetting characteristics. It performs best in applications that endure extreme abrasion combined with or without corrosion.
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