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Palletizing Equipment (Conventional or Robotic)

Our palletizing equipment is available in either a conventional system or robotic.

Our conventional systems are designed to stack bagged product onto pallets for storage and shipment. These machines are used widely by companies of all sizes who desire to minimize the risk of employee injury from repetitious manual stacking of bags or who wish to increase production without increasing labor costs.  Our

The robotic systems come with 3 primary robot models options. Each model brings its own unique qualities and benefits to the ever-changing market place. From the low cost EC-102 that uses less energy than a common hair dryer to the high speed EC-201 robot capable of palletizing at 20 bags per minute.



  • Increased Production
  • Reduce Work Related Injuries
  • Reduce Staffing Related Issues
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Reduced Shipping Claims
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