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Portable Vacuum Systems

Portable industrial vacuum units make it easy to maneuver into tight spots. With a tough build and excellent filtration, they’re fast to set up, easy to operate and barely need maintenance. Whether your dust levels are light, moderate or heavy, a our portable vacuum goes where you need it, when you need it. They can also be equipped with intercept hoppers or drums to help capture materials in ease to handle containers.  Manufactured in a wide range of sizes and capabilities (compressed air operated to industrial blowers), these units can handle the most difficult dry or wet materials including liquids like jet fuel.


  • Portable
  • Compressed Air Operated Options
  • Containment Options To Reduce Operator Exposure
  • UL Certified Panels
  • Flammable Liquid and Powder Systems
  • 5 Year Warranty On Non-Consumable Parts


Single Or Multiple Users
Solids or Dry Material Removal
Liquid Removal
Capable Of Handling Highly Combustable Materials (Liquid or Solids)
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