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QT Plus

This is a through-hardened plate with a nominal hardness of 500 BHN through the full thickness of the plate. QT Plus offers 2-3 times the life of commodity AR plate with good ductility. Available in plate sizes up to 96″ x 288″ and thicknesses to 5″

QT-PLUS® wear life is 3 to 5 times longer than AR400 commodity wear steel.

QT-PLUS® proprietary chemistry and unique thermal heat-treating process produces a premium quality severe impact and abrasion resistant plate unmatched in the industry. This incredibly tough and hard steel with extraordinary ductility, is produced with tightly controlled  carbon levels for ease of weldability, and excellent formability. QT-PLUS® is alloy rich, and is “true” through-plate hardening…it is supreme quality wear plate, engineered like no other in the world. QT-PLUS® is produced to ISO 9001:2015 certified standards ensuring the highest quality.


  • WELDABILITY The exhibited excellent weldability of QT-PLUS® is due to the tightly controlled carbon range (.24 -.26) and extremely low hydrogen levels, (<4 ppm).
  • TOUGHNESS QT-PLUS® is extremely tough due to enriched nickel content and the proprietary heat-treatment process.
  • THROUGH-HARDNESS The chemical composition of our tough wear steel, QT-PLUS®, produces a product that retains hardness throughout the entire plate thickness. By comparison, the sparse alloy content of commodity-grade steels prohibits through-hardness of the plate, resulting in rapid wear.
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY Our QT-PLUS® Wear Steel is produced under the strictest quality standards with characteristics that are uniform in every plate, providing reliable predictability for all applications. By comparison, commodity AR grade steels’ inconsistent heat-treating processes and wide variations in chemistries create “hard” and “soft” spots and plate warping, resulting in rapid, unpredictable wear rates and difficult installations.
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