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Rotoflo Bin Discharge Unit

Rotoflo is designed to help with material handling ensuring that silo discharge is free-flowing and controlled, when handling a number of diverse materials. Rotoflo is designed to help prevent powder bridging in silos and hoppers. With Rotoflo, you can simply and effectively prevent material bridging and discharge problems in silo systems without the need for vibration or aeration. Rotoflo can help prevent powder bridging by offering:

  • Large diameter active silo outlet
  • Elimination of dead space where contents may consolidate.
  • Low headroom design maximising silo contents
  • Control of discharge rate
  • Consistent feeding over a wide range of throughputs
  • Up to four feed points providing a flexible solution without additional equipment
  • Designed to process a wide range of materials


  • Handles materials with difficult flow characteristics
  • Up to 4 outlets from the same silo
  • No air or vibration used
  • Up to 150 TPH discharge rate
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