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Single Blade Diverter (SBD) or w/ Externally Accessible Seals (SBDX)

PEBCO®‘s Single Blade Diverter provides full diversion and flow splitting capabilities. The simple design on the Single Blade Diverter also allows for easy maintenance and adaptation.

  • The classic design frequently referred to as a “flop-gate”
  • Simple design and easy to maintain but requires removal from the process chute-work for access (see the PEBCO® SBDX diverter for in-place maintenance options)
  • Provides full diversion and flow splitting capabilities
  • Optional side seals improve sealing to the closed leg with granular products or products with fines.
  • Easily adapted to very large, rugged applications such as run-of-mine materials

PEBCO® Single Blade Diverter with Externally Accessible Seals provides full diversion and flow splitting with easy maintenance access. This Diverter can be dimensionally interchangeable for many existing diverters.

  • Provides full diversion and flow splitting capabilities
  • When fully diverted the blade tip rests on a compliant seal and is protected from material flow
  • Wear components can be replaced through the side of the body simplifying maintenance
  • Self-adjusting side seals on the blade compensate for wear and are easily replaceable
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with many older “flop gate” designs
  • Ideal for powders, plastics or granular materials
  • Typical applications are similar to those of a classic “flop gate” with the same optional feature
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