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Cyclonaire Keeps Concrete Runway Project On Schedule

Kiewit was responsible for processing the runway’s sub- grade, installing drainage, laying an asphalt bond-breaker, and slipform paving the surface. Restriping the runway and installing a new lighting system were also part of the project. Because of the continual demand for materials and the 24-hour-a-day work schedule, Kiewit needed a high-capacity storage solution installed on-site. As a result, the company purchased 14 silos to provide a combined 16,800-bbl. on-site capacity for the materials. Some 60 loads of low-alkali cement arrived to the runway each day, as well as 20 to 25 loads of fly ash. The company then needed a reliable, cost-effective method to transfer cement and fly ash at capacities of up to 130 tons per hour from the silos to the batch plant. Equipment was also needed to efficiently unload materials received from the delivery trailers.

The learn more about the overall project and the solution, please read the attached article.

Cyclonaire Hartsfield: Jackson Case Study

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