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Positive Seal Valve

PEBCO® Positive Seal Valves feature a fully sealed and gasketed design providing self-adjusting seals for material flow. Maintenance is a cinch on these valves, as rear access allows for disc replacement without the need to remove the valve itself. More product info:

  • Fully sealed and gasketed design suitable for pressures up to 14.9 psi
  • Tapered disc and seat provide optimum, self-adjusting seal up-stream to down-stream
  • Cast urethane disc compresses when closed to allow use in liquid and gas applications
  • Large rear access cover allows disc replacement without removing the valve from the process line
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic actuation provides constant load on sealing surfaces
  • Stack two PSVs to create an improvement on the “Double Dump Valve”

Typical applications include:

  • Positive shut-off of aerated products beneath silos and fluidized conveyors
  • Dust collector/cyclone discharges and pneumatic conveying
  • Improved sealing and low maintenance make this an attractive replacement for rotary valves/airlocks

Optional Features:

  • Polymer or metallic discs are available for special applications and/or elevated temperatures
  • Outboard bearings with adjustable shaft packing for pressurized applications
  • Include a spool or “dutchman” between two PSVs to increase throughput
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