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Slide Gate

PEBCO® Slide Gates, Rolling Slide Gates, and Valves are the best solution for accurately controlling the flow of your materials. As with all PEBCO® products, they can be customized to fit your application’s needs. We offer these valves in a variety of configurations including but not limited to:

  • Slide Gate
  • Slide Gate w/ Externally Adjustable Seals
  • Slide Gate w/ Packing Assembly
  • Slide Gate w/ Dewatering Feature
  • Double Blade  Slide Gate
  • Burner Isolation Valves or BIV (Pulverized Fuel Boilers)


  • Start, stop or regulate product flow
  • Suitable for the finest powders to very large lumps
  • Self-cleaning blade supports prevent binding during blade movement
  • Full perimeter seals contact the top of the blade surface only
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